Resistance, The Revelations
Kim Bishop
Resist or become slaves!

Are you part of the Resistance?!

Welcome to the site of my first novel, Resistance, The Revelations.  

 If you would like me to speak at a function (christian or political), do a book signing, or if you would like a signed copy of the book, send me message through the contact link.

     I've had many people ask me if this book is based on the Biblical book of Revelation. The answer is no. The "revelations" are insights that the characters have into both their physical and spiritual lives. They realize the lies they've been fed by those they trusted and the truth of the future that has been prepared for them.

     My hope is that the story will take you on an adventure of possiblities. I hope to take you into the spiritual realm that surrounds us all and show a possible reality of what our future may hold if we do not stand against the forces in our world that threaten to take our freedoms.

     The theme of resistance is about resisting the evils in our world as well as those that attack our spirits and our minds. I hope your journey into the world I created will excite, inform, and inspire you to live life to the fullest you can and to always resist that which destroys your true self. Enjoy the adventure...


Who will win the battle for mankind's soul?